Chinese Medical Psychosomatic Music for Therapy

Based on the principles of Chinese medical theory, this series of music utilises the five-tone scale to motivate the mutual interaction between Yin Yang and the Five Elements.   The music helps to regulate the function of the organs in the body and restore metabolism.  Musical treatment not only avoids side effects of medicine, but also allows for long-term treatment.

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Hypertension                                                                      TCD-3123

"...low, plucked strings bring the music a relaxing cadence that reminds me of a slow-moving river catching the setting sun.  The liner notes offer an educational tour of Traditional Chines Medicine."

Headache                                                                            TCD-3125

This album is made for stress-induced headaches and migraines.  Designed to work upon the contracted muscles and capillaries in the head, the music will ease the listener's tensions and alleviate discomfort.

Intestinal Ulceration                                                            TCD-3124

This collection utilises a serene, steady melody to strengthen the stomach and the spleen.  The refreshing rhythm will gradually ease the listener's nerves, improving the digestive system to resume its normal functions.  In clinical tests in China, the music achieved a high effectiveness rate when used in conjunction with medication.

Dysmenorrhea                                                                     TCD-3126

The collection is designed to help to reduce dysmenorrhea due to psychological factors.   Dysmenorrhea is related to the circulation of both blood and qi.  The music will exert an influence upon biological functions, promoting normal circulation of the blood and qi.

Constipation                                                                        TCD-3127

The meter of the music will promote better digestion and allow the circulation of qi to gradually resume normal condition resulting in regular stool.

Climacteric Syndrome                                                       TCD-3128

The climacteric disorders are divided chiefly into Yang-deficiency and Yin-deficiency.   The music will ease frustration regulate the emotions, and aid the body in restoring balance between Yin and Yang.

Obesity                                                                                TCD-3129

This music is specially designed for those whose weight have increased due to any of the following conditions, emotions, dietary imbalance, and genetic traits.

Cancer                                                                                TCD-3130

This album is intended for cancer patients who are undergoing recovery from surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.  it may also be used by those under excessive stress to prevent psychological conditions that induce cancer.

Stroke                                                                                 TCD-3131

The collection is designed for those recovering from stroke, and also suitable for those susceptible to mental disorders, such as impatient, irascible people or those prone to excessive fatigue.  Regular listening may contribute to the prevention of such problems.

Coronary Arteriosclerosis                                                 TCD-3132

This album is made for the prevention and treatment of coronary arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction.  For those who are prone to heart disease, regular listening may aid in the prevention of such conditions.