I-Ching, 5 Elements and Health Music


The theory of the Five Elements is the arrangement of all aspects of the phenomenological world into categories of Fir, Water, Wood, Earth and Metal.  during the Han Dynasty (202B.C. - 200A.D.), its principles became inseparably intertwined with the Yin Yang theory of Changes, also known as the Yi Ching (I-Ching).  According to the Book of Changes Cycle of Elemental Music, Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire and Water correspond with spleen, lung, liver, heart and kidney respectively.  These body organs also correspond with certain musical modes (see the chart) These five modes (Kung, Shang, Cheuh, Jyy, and Yu) of ancient Chinese music, through the use of rhythm, texture, intensity and instrumentation, assist in bringing about greater organ function efficiency.

Metal                                       TCD-3109

The music of Metal resonates with and strengthens the lung and respiratory system.   It is good for treating all respiratory system difficulties or discomfort.

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Wood                                     TCD-3110

The music of Wood resonates with and strengthens the liver organ system, pacifying nervousness and restlessness in sleep.

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Water                                  TCD-3111

The music of Water resonates with and strengthens the kidney organ-system.  It is useful in treating swelling, ear problems and high blood pressure.

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Fire                                     TCD-3112

The music of Fire resonates with and strengthens the heart organ-system, stabilising the pulse.

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Earth                                   TCD-3113

The music of Earth resonates with and strengthens the spleen/pancreas organ-system, increasing appetite and improving digestion.  It also invigorates the Qi, a Chines concept of energy balance within each individual.

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Regimen                             TCD-3114

The music of Regimen is composed of the five primary elements principle --- a dynamic balance of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.  It is the kind of music suitable for everyday health-keeping and regimen.

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Yin Music                            TCD-3149

Best for those whose physical endowment inclines to dispositions of Yang.  It suits those who are strong, sturdy, easily agitated, and those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and paranoia.  People live and work in a male dominated environment are encouraged to listen to Yin Music.

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Yang Music                        TCD-3150

It is for those physical/emotional types inclined toward Yin dispositions (i.e., those born with physical defects, who are undernourished, cold-sensitive, timid, or with deteriorating bodily functions, and so on).  People who live and work in a female-dominated environment, or where darkness or humidity prevails, need to nourish their masculine energies through listening to Yang Music.

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