Five Tones Healing Music


Five Tones Healing Music are designed for helping to increase or balance " Qi " or " Life Force " in the body  through the musical vibration and energy field, in order to meditate the spirit. It not only can help regulate the Qi circulate, but also improve the correspondent organ networks efficiency. Five Tones Healing Music is not a medicine, but it can help to increase and balance body energy, help to overcome the diseases. Five Tones Healing Music mainly adapt Traditional Northern Chinese Music, Played by Traditional Chinese music instruments, It completely reflect the smoothing and beauty of  Chinese Music. It is not only welcomed by those who wants for healing purpose, but also cheered by those music lovers who likes to enjoy the Traditional music. 

Kung Tone                                       TCD-3115

Kung Tone relates to Earth Qi. The beginning melody is played by a ceramic earth-make " shiuan " which corresponds to characteristics of earth. It maintains the stability of Qi within the body.

Shang Tone                                     TCD-3116

Shang Tone relates to Metal Qi. The music starts with metallic sounds of the luo ( gong ) and pieng-chung ( bells ). It helps to induce the Qi inside the body.

Chueh Tone                                     TCD-3117

Chueh Tone relates to Wood Qi, which is expressed by the di ( bamboo flute ) leading the melody. It helps to release the excessive Qi inside the body.

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Jyy Tone                                          TCD-3118

Jyy Tone relates to Fire Qi. The lively sonorous sound of Sona ( Chinese trumpet ) creates an atmosphere full of the characteristics of " Fire ". It helps to enhance the Qi in the body.

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Yu  Tone                                            TCD-3119

Yu Tone relates to Water Qi, whose characteristic is most fully displayed in the guqin and guzheng. It helps to descend the Qi inside bodies.

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Regimen-Chi Circulation                   TCD-3120

Regiment-Chi ( Qi ) Circulation is an abridged version of all five albums. The main purpose is to accelerate the Qi circulation  inside the body.

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